Welcome To The Old Mill ParaFest Website!

The Old Mill ParaFest last year was a great success!  We have received great feedback from our guests on the things they loved, and a few things we will be looking to improve upon. 

Because it was such a great success, we are planning The Old Mill ParaFest this year!  In doing so, we are looking for ideas on how we can improve the event, things you'd like to see, any additions you'd like, any speakers you'd like to see speak.

The Old Mill ParaFest committee will be proposing our speakers in early in the year to The Old Mill Museum board for approval, at which time the booking of speakers will begin, and we will update the list as they become available!  Please check back often!

The Old Mill ParaFest Highlights

  • Familiar Hosts!
    Hosted again by the great people from Spirit World Paranormal Investigations (SWPI) & Metro Paranormal Investigations (MPI) - 
  • New Lineup!

    We will have a new lineup with some new faces for the Old Mill ParaFest 2016!  Some you may or may not recognize. 
  • Fixes/Changes

    We will be making some changes to the food layout, sound for better listening. There will be other minor changes made too!